Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Vistas of Rural Karnataka

More Vistas of Rural Karnataka
I am still on a nostalgic trip remembering my outings in rural Karnataka out of the noise and pollution of the city. Those were times when I was footloose and fancyfree and totally focused on filling fuel and riding on my motorcycle to far off exotic locations and learn about the history, culture and geography of the diverse nation I was born in. It is ironical that living in America this is one element that is totally missing: unique, vibrant and interesting humanistic tradition. All that is here is glitzy malls, shopping, technology, rock and roll, and artificially created gardens, parks, lakes, etc. For the people here these things are exotic and beautiful, to me it seems very superficial and on the surface.
An elephant at Bandipur National Park

Elephant in Bandipur national park, Karnataka

Typical rural scenery in Karnataka

Typical rural scene in Karnataka

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