Thursday, December 31, 2009

Southwest England, November 2009

Southwest England, November 2009
A couple more of my girl - in car and phone box windows, the former with me as an added bonus reflection


Yuma: The Hottest and One of the Top Snowbird Destinations Today

Yuma: The Hottest and One of the Top Snowbird Destinations Today


My Camera Is Possessed

My Camera Is Possessed
I swear my camera is totally insane!  Yes I'm talking about the Kodak v803 I bought in late 2007 that's been giving me problems pretty much since the day I've bought it.  Don't get me wrong it gets the job done for a point and shoot, and for a Kodak I was quite impressed.  I actually gave the camera 4 1/2 stars when I wrote a review.

My main issue has always been with the battery and the fact that the battery life absolutely sucks on that camera.  After I purchased it I vowed to never buy another camera that uses a rechargeable battery.  I want to be able to use my own AA or AAA rechargeables so I can carry extras with me or pick up a pack of extra batteries at the nearest store when I need them.

The problem with the Kodak v803 is that the battery life totally sucks.  At first I thought I was having problems with it only holding a charge for 2 hours because I bought a refurb camera, but that's not the case.  After googling the issue I found it was a problem with the battery Kodak uses.  I even ordered myself a few backup batteries that all suck.  None of them have held a charge for over 2 hours...until now.

I don't know what happened but I haven't had to charge the camera in about a month!  Hubby charged it fully before using the video function on the motorcycle one day, and it's held a charge ever since.  It's like the battery has been attached to a never-ending power source!  Trust me when I say I'm definitely not complaining, but it does freak me out!  What the heck has happened to my camera?

Down By The River - Riding in FlatLand

Down By The River - Riding in FlatLand
Tuesday afternoon I took a ride on the R1200GS Adventure that led me along side the Withlacoochee River in Northeast Pasco County.

The R1200GS Adventure is the largest Dual-Sport Motorcycle in production and is capable and comfortable in the role of Off-Road exploration.


The Withlacoochee River is dark from the plant tannins and has the look of Old Florida along it's banks with every imaginable palm tree and bush one could hope for as well as the Live Oaks laden with Spanish Moss.


The Cypress Trees and their remnants, the Cypress Stumps are everywhere and their sweet aroma is intoxicating.

Riding a bike this size along the banks of this river is tricky with all the sugar sand, vines and stumps.


Next, I headed West, wandering along some beautiful back roads that I love to ride.

I stop along the way to grab a fresh drink from the cooler, and usually snap a photo or two.


Spanish Moss is everywhere in FlatLand and I really like the looks of it.

Another fine day for riding in FlatLand!


The Art of Travel

The Art of Travel
Caroline's move to portraiture coincided with a particularly tough spell living in Iraq and her recent moving collection shown in London, features Iraqi journalists alongside Sri Lankans and Afghans and a significant number of BBC correspondents and broadcasters that Caroline has worked alongside.

Portrait Artist, Caroline Jaine grew up in the west of England in a creative household and expressed herself through drawing and painting from an early age. After studying Art & Design in Bath and Cambridge her professional career took her overseas, where she has spent much of her adult life.  Caroline continued to paint and exhibit wherever she was assigned, worked under the mentorship of renowned artists Anoma Wijewardene in Sri Lanka, and was sponsored by the British Council for her solo show in the Slovak Republic in 1999.

Caroline’s move to portraiture coincided with a particularly tough spell living in Iraq and her recent moving collection shown in London, features Iraqi journalists alongside Sri Lankans and Afghans and a significant number of BBC correspondents and broadcasters that Caroline has worked alongside.  She is currently working on single protraits of prominent British figures that have “made a difference” and has a keen interest in portraiture for social cohesion. Caroline is also a published photographer, writer and founder of an organisation that promotes the use of the visual and descriptive arts in conflict transformation.

Caroline rarely accepts private commissions for portraits – but feel free to contact her directly to discuss this further.


My Christmas Wishes for YOU!

My Christmas Wishes for YOU!
Merry Christmas to all my blog friends all over the world

Bumbu Desa

Bumbu Desa
Di sebuah tempat makan yang terletak tidak jauh dari Kambang Iwak, menyajikan masakan khas Sunda.


How to get your DNI

How to get your DNI

Have you wondered how to go about getting your DNI legally, and were daunted by the bureaucracy you were sure to face? Are you tired of having to leave the country every three months?

You don't have an excuse anymore, in fact, you have a helping hand.

Solange Verón, an English-speaking immigration lawyer, will be on hand on Tuesday speaking at a seminar organized by IMAS and hosted by Areatres (There will also be some sweets provided by Sugar & Spice).

This FREE seminar will start promptly at 7pm and is scheduled to run for two hours.

So come on down and bring plenty of questions.

China Business Travel

China Business Travel

Planning your China business travel is fun and easy unlike a few years ago. You will be required to have an invitation to visit China, usually from your China business counterpart, to have your business visa stamped on your passport, besides buying your travel tickets. Choice of your host is entirely on your business needs depending on whether your China business visit is for exploring import & export opportunities or you are a global sourcing agency.

This freedom allows for seeking invitation from almost any major government or private agencies/institutions. Thus choosing your host depends on your China business plan. Remember there are certain restrictions on a China business visa, a simpler way out is to avail a tourist visa which your local travel agent can arrange without having to have an invitation from any of your import/export or global sourcing partner.
-China Business Contact

Global sourcing, China business travelers travel light and hire a cab upon arrival to reach hotels straight away. However, your either your travel agent or your China business counterpart can help you arrange for picking you up by telling them to be available at the airport.

Although most of the cities are open to free access to China business travelers with a valid visa, there are certain restrictions to hinterlands and places of strategic importance, especially where you don’t have import/export or global sourcing opportunities and your import/export or global sourcing partner needs to apply for permit on your behalf for such places.
-Mixing Import/Export Trip and Leisure Together

No matter your China business trip schedules meetings with your prospective global sourcing suppliers or import/export partners, you can always mix fun with China business provided you adhere to regulations. Photography is permitted wherever you have the permit to go. But avoid using cameras, camcorders and cell phones near defense installations or from aircrafts. Car rental service is not universal in China but taxis are. No restrictions to drive your own car for your China business.

As you travel, differences that import/export and global sourcing have brought to Chinese provinces become apparent. Most of China business is concentrated in east coast where import and export ports are located. Global sourcing agents land in specific eastern provinces depending on locations of their import/export or global sourcing needs.

China business, especially the import/export sector, is spread across organized affiliations which make global sourcing agents’ job easier. Portals representing import/export traders offer categorized listing to simplify global sourcing which may be used.


SCUBA Diving the Abyss, South Water Caye, Belize

SCUBA Diving the Abyss, South Water Caye, Belize

SCUBA Diving the Abyss, originally uploaded by TRPhoto.

Copyright © 2009 Tony Rath Photography All Rights Reserved

This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer. If you intend to use any of our pictures or need a print of them, PLEASE, you need to contact us first before you use any of them. Thank you.

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Belize Island Paradise

Long Beach by night

Long Beach by night
I spent the past 2 nights at the Hyatt next to the Long Beach, CA, convention center.  It's in the heart of the Long Beach entertainment disctirct, surrouned by restaurants, bars, an aquarium, and the Queen Mary.
And the heart is in desperate need of a bypass.

There are few thing sadder than the restaurants desperately in need of customers.  I walked into an Irish Pub and there were just a few tables quietly occupied, yet the room was filled with a desperate vibe and gloom.  I walked back out (which probably didn't help with the desperation and darkness).  Many restaurants were like that.

The piano bar had the biggest crowd, but that's not saying much.  The sing along pianist desperately tried to get the crowd excited about Wham!  He enthusiastically belted out a chipper, "Wake me up"  and pointed to the crowd for their response.

"before you go go"

It sounded like a group of 8th graders forced into saying "Good Morning," by the teach before starting a math test.

I felt bad for the guy.

I went across the street to find a restaurant that wasn't creepily uncrowded.  There was a growing crowd of youths dressed in black and bursting out in dance at vasious intervals.  There was no music.

My whole walk seemed like some sort of dream.  I kept expecting to find a spatula in my hand and a flower telling me to save the day by turning over the purple.

Instead I sought refuge in the familiar.  And that's why I like having chain restaurants around.  When the sad/bizarre needle is gliding into the red, there's nothing like the fake Australian ambiance and average steaks of Outback.

Gangwon-do Weekend 2박3일 Part 4 The Cave

Gangwon-do Weekend 2박3일 Part 4 The Cave
Walking to the ticket office to find out about the 1+ wait.

A dish special to the region. Muk. The name is actually longer, but I really can't remember or spell it.

Finished with a great meal

The Monorail

We left the creek and went to Hwa Am Cave. There was about an hour wait for the monorail, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a restaurant near the cave monorail ticket office. Troy and I had a jug of Makgeolli just because we could. There was a pretty cool park near the restaurant, so we walked around and relaxed while waiting for our monorail trip.
Fountains in the park.

Troy resting after our meal and drinks.

When it was time for us to board the monorail, it felt like I was back at Gangnam station. About 40 of us all crowded into one of the cars and of course because I am slow and don't elbow people, I didn't get a seat, but it was a really short trip up the mountain, maybe 15min. We entered the cave and it felt wonderfully cool inside. The first section of the cave had some Disney World like figurines showing the history of the mining. They also had sections of the cave covered with glass and magnifying circles, so that you could see the gold veins running through. The last section of the cave was for kids and it really reminded me of It's a Small World.

Reflections on the Monorail

Walking down a hellacious staircase


More formations


A shaky view of one of the caverns

Lion Rock
Welcome to .....

Yes, God indeed has a sense of humor.
We left the cave and went back to the pension for a great moonlight barbecue. Part 5 tomorrow!

I also wanted to say thanks for the messages about my mother. She is doing much better and should be getting out of the hospital sometime this week.