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Jet Set Body: The Results

Jet Set Body: The Results
On August 9, 2009 I made a commitment to myself. On that day, with the urging on my husband I made the decision to compete in the upcoming Ms. Bikini America National Championships. I had tons of reasons why NOT to do it, but I made the commitment anyway. Just in case you missed Jet [...]

On August 9, 2009 I made a commitment to myself. On that day, with the urging on my husband I made the decision to compete in the upcoming Ms. Bikini America National Championships. I had tons of reasons why NOT to do it, but I made the commitment anyway. Just in case you missed Jet Set Body Part 1, here’s the link.

My Team ~ The Savage Girls

My Team ~ The Savage Girls

Six Weeks Out From Showtime!

My last blog regarding my results was in early October ‘09. I had proudly lost 8.5 lbs and many inches. I had done well, I had the experience and the background to do this. But at that point, my goal shifted. I wanted to not only compete at the Ms. Bikini America Championships, now I wanted to make the Top 10 in my division! This is when I hired fitness competition guru Cathy Savage and her team to whip me into fitness competition shape during the last six weeks of pre-contest prep. You’ve probably seen Cathy on MTV’s Made. She’s the master when it comes to getting girls stage ready (FYI- She also has a lifestyle program for those who don’t want to compete, but just want the abs!). During the six week period, I sent Cathy’s team front and back check-in pictures weekly so they could determine the course of action in regard to my nutrition and exercise plans. Each week slight changes were made to allow the maximum results. There were days I felt exhausted and days I felt exhilarated. It was truly a challenging mental and physical journey.

Viva Las Vegas

On November 17, 2009 I boarded my flight to Viva Las Vegas with a cooler filled with cooked chicken breast, egg whites, sweet potatoes and asparagus. The best part of the flight was watching four or five super fit people with coolers presumably filled with chicken board the plane. By this point, I had done everything that I could to change my body, now it was time to have fun, enjoy the process, rock the stage and put my hard earned results to work.

The three-day event was filled with registration, media, photo shoots, spray-tan appointments and a final Savage Team meeting. At the start of the meeting, Cathy and her team of choreographers, nutrition experts and past winners watched as we all stripped down and walked one-by-one as we would on stage for a final critique. In line with the 75 other Savage Girls, I felt more nervous walking for my coaches than I expected I would the next morning in front of the judges. I guess this is the first time during the weekend that I’d be judged. I hadn’t been on a fitness stage in six years! At that point I was thinking “what have I gotten myself into”. Then, one of the coaches said next and it was my turn to walk. I pushed my nerves out of my head and reminded myself of the commitment that I made to myself and the goal that I had set to make the Top 10. If I couldn’t walk in an empty ballroom for my fitness-family, how would I be able to do it in front of the real judges and audience! As I was walking up, Cathy looked directly at me and said “You look amazing!”. That’s it, it’s all I needed to hear. No more nerves. The guru of fitness chicks just told me I looked amazing.

On Stage Bikini America 2009

Friday, November 19th, 6am ~ My alarm didn’t even need to go off because my body knew it was time to wake up. This was the day that I had been training for since August 9th. This is what every 5am cardio session and grilled chicken breast was for! Hair, make-up and I was ready. Backstage was a frantic place. I grabbed a quiet spot, put on my headphones and listened to my power song Kevin Rudolph’s “Let It Rock!”. My division was called and I was the 9th to go onto the stage. I was nervous, emotional, anxious and excited. My oh-so-supportive husband was sitting in the first row with some great friends that flew in for the event and my Mom who decided to surprise me in Vegas a few days earlier! I also knew I have the Team Savage in the audience getting ready to scream for me. From the moment my foot hit the stage, I was on. I gave it all I could in that moment. The best part was that I actually remember each of the 60 seconds, which in the past it’s always been a blur. But this time, I kept telling myself to enjoy the results of reaching my goal. As often, we set a goal and reach it, only to quickly set another. Not me, not this time. I was bound and determined to enjoy each and every minute of hearing that crowd cheer.

The Results Show

Saturday, November 20th, 10am ~ My division was called out onto the stage. We all showed up, ready to compete but only 10 of us would get the chance to walk the stage again today for the judges. This was the moment for me. This was my ultimate goal for this show, I wanted, no I needed, no I was going to make the Top 10. This is what I had on my vision board, this is what I had on my goal list, this is what I had in my brain over the last 12 weeks. It was in this moment that I would find out my fate. As we lined up on the stage, I definitely began to get a little nervous. The women that I competed against were stunning. But, I had no regrets, I can honestly say I did my best. Then announcer began… she called the first girl into the Top 10, wasn’t me, but still 9 more spots to go! Then I heard #93 Kimberly Murgatroyd! You would have thought that I just won an Olympic gold medal! I was beaming form ear to ear. I looked down and saw my husband and my Mom crying, which almost made me cry. I did it. I accomplished the goal that I set for myself, I made the Top 10.

Before & After

Final Weight Loss: 15 lbs

Chest: lost 2.5″

Waist (smallest part): lost 3.5″

Ab (this is that muffin top, love handle area): lost 6″

Hip (widest part of the booty): lost 2.5″

Thigh: lost 2″

Arm: lost 1.5″

Going Forward

Post-show I felt amazing. Especially as I ate a delicious Hershey’s Cordial Cherry Kiss! Looking back over the last 15 weeks, I realized a few things.

The Reward

1. I love the challenge of pre-competition diet and training. I love being able to create the physique that I want, when I want.

2. I love being on the stage. I enjoy the friendly competition. I love that it motivates me and gives me a goal to strive for each and every workout.

3. I love how my family, friends and team supports each other. From my daughter toughing it out through meals of chicken, my husband getting up for EVERY 5am cardio workout to my Mom & Dad planning the most amazing surprise. Support is key.

My Mom My Hubby

Friends Coaches

Going forward, I have already planned my competition schedule for 2010. First show is March 20, 2009! My goal has is to make the Top 5 in 2010. In addition, I will compete in the Fitness Division, which includes a 2 minute routine filled with dance, gymnastic, strength & flexibility.

This is something that I truly love to do. It challenges me every day. It challenges my will-power. It challenges my body. Life is about finding what you love to do and doing it. Don’t let excuses stand in your way of following your dreams in 2010. As we say, Excuses are over. It’s time to live!



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