Monday, March 15, 2010

Eating in Kuching - Dinner at Zhong Yuan Kitchen

Eating in Kuching - Dinner at Zhong Yuan Kitchen
Despite what the TV food progammes say, trying to juggle a job and cooking dinner at home is no easy feat. That is why more and more people are eating out, even in Kuching. Its not really a good thing, but that's a fact of modern life. So, it is always great to come across a place which provides delicious, "almost-healthy" food in a convenient location. Zhong Yuan Kitchen is such a place. Located at 101 Commercial Centre, it is right at the epi-centre of the hottest commercial centre in town, and the good thing is its only 5 min from my house. Hence this is one of my family's favourite hangouts for a weekday or weekend meal.

The menu at Zhong Yuan consists of mostly simple home-cooked style dishes, though they also have more fancy items for special occasions. Its the simple stuff we come here for.

The Zhong Yuan Fried Rice is one of our all time favourites. We always order it when we come here. It is basically a jazzed up version of fried rice with XO sauce, with lots of fresh ingredients like squid and prawns thrown in. Really delicious. I could just eat this stuff and be happy.

The Sweet Corn Soup is unlike those in other lessor restaurants. Here the corns are fresh corns, and there are lots of seafood added in to make it more substantial. The soup is really sweet and has a very nice mouth feel - not too starchy. Be sure to order this when you are there.

Stirfried Midin, fresh and crunchy.

Deepfried Tofu with Minced Pork and Preserved Turnips. Another simple homecooked dish that is done very well here.

Stewed Pork Ribs. The ribs and very tender and the meat fall off the bones. The sauce was a bit too sweet to my taste, but overall still quite an enjoyable dish.

Zhong Yuan Kitchen is a great place for simple family dinners, and it is very popular because of that. They started out with one shoplot, and now have expanded to two. The problem is they have not expanded the kitchen - still the same size and same number of people in the kitchen. On busy days, the wait can be quite long. Go early to avoid the dinner time rush.


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