Monday, March 22, 2010

Sonoran Desert Museum..Goodbye for now

Sonoran Desert Museum..Goodbye for now

Howdee all,

I am always trigger happy when I go to the Desert Museum..

We leave Tucson today..

So we say goodbye to the Desert Museum..

The outdoor museum…of cactus and more..Desert museum_053_thumb

Beautiful scenes around every corner..Desert museum_243_thumb

Some days we catch it just right..awesome clouds..Desert museum_244_thumb

   All of these photos were taken at the Desert MuseumDesert museum_236_thumb

The same day…Desert museum_239_thumb

winding paths..Desert museum_248_thumbDesert and mountain views

Desert museum_250_thumb

The Grasslands area..Desert museum_261_thumb

Desert museum_262_thumb

Views to the west..Desert museum_264_thumb

Ocotillo blooming after desert rainsDesert museum_293_thumb

I will miss our free members coffee and tea at the coffee bar.Desert museum_507I will miss sitting in the hummingbird aviary and feeling the hummers buzz by my head.Desert museum_344I will miss my favorite photogenic owl, with an attitude..

Desert museum_082

I will miss the scenes…Desert museum_315_thumb

of Cactus beauty..Desert museum_066_thumb

Goodbye for now…Desert museum_492

Until we meet again….


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