Friday, March 19, 2010

Psychic Edinburgh Council??

Psychic Edinburgh Council??
Yesterday I phoned the helpline for Edinburgh Council Refuse Department. It is well named as they certainly seemed to refuse to answer the phone!
I was given lots of useless and previously known information, put on hold and listened every 2o seconds to the most annoying voice saying 'Thank you for waiting. You are in a queue and will be answered as soon as possible.'
After 20 minutes of this I was as close to having a hairy temper tantrum as I have ever been and deemed it safer to hang up.
It is obvious to me now that calling at 1.30pm was the worst possible time as people may have been at lunch. What really angered me was that they should have changed the automated message to say 'Sorry, there is no one here to answer your call. Please call back after lunch i.e. 2pm'
But here is the weirdest bit. Spooky music mystro please. de da dadum de da dadum.
While I was hanging on waiting I couldn't stop myself from talking back to the silly automated voice - knowing full well that I was just venting off steam and that nobody could hear me.
I complained about the bags of rubbish still at our road end despite other bins nearby being emptied. I muttered about phoning my MSP or contacting the newspapers before I finally hung up in a huff.
First thing this morning I heard what sounded like a refuse truck (it was hard to tell as it had been so long since I had heard one!) and there was a little possy of men throwing the bin bags in to the back of the lorry. Yippee.
So?! Is there a psychic working at the Council who 'just knows' when the end of a ratepayer's tether has been reached or do they sneakily listen in to our mutterings?
If there is a psychic there could she please let us know when the 'real' date of completion is for the Trams, and also why didn't she warn the council to order more grit and salt for the bad spell we have just had?

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