Saturday, March 20, 2010

Goooo, Wonder Pets!

Goooo, Wonder Pets!
I have two TV addictions right now. First is the Filipino version of the Nickelodeon show Wonder Pets, aired daily from 8 to 8:30 AM over TV5.

It's about three household pets (Linny, a guinea pig; Tuck, a turtle; and Ming-ming, a duckling) who become superheroes when their master is not around and save pets in distress from all over the world; it's easily the Phantom of the Opera of children's television, since most lines are sung! (Anong kailangaaaan? Magtulungaaaan! Linny, Tuck at si Ming-meeeeeng!) I'm actually enjoying the show.

On Sundays, I like QTV's Secrets of the Masters, which starts at 7:15 PM. Host Lisa Litton has the most interesting job in the planet, for she gets to gobble up every plate on the show. Yeah, yeah, the audience members also get their share (btw, how do you become an audience member?), but while Lisa gets the entire plate, the viewers only savor the morsels. So, yeah, hands down, I'm targetting Lisa Litton's job. :-P


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