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Best Travel News and Deals - February 9, 2010 - $8 For Blankets on Flights, Pickpockets in Spain, Stop Hotel Fees, Full Body Scans, Get Travel Shots

Best Travel News and Deals - February 9, 2010 - $8 For Blankets on Flights, Pickpockets in Spain, Stop Hotel Fees, Full Body Scans, Get Travel Shots

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American Airlines to Charge $8 For Blankets

As the travel industry becomes become more ala carte, you're going to see more things like this.

Which feels worse? Getting charged $8 charged to your credit card (because many flight attendants don't take cash) or just having another fee added to your ticket?

They cost the same but the $8 in air feels more like robbery. Just add all the fees you want to the ticket the first time so I don't have to reminded of it afterward. Why don't the airlines understand this?

Redefining Hostels: Not Just for Young Travelers

Families, couples, everyone is welcome at hostels. Some people have asked about the age requirement and there are some hostels that won't take anyone over 30 years old. The great thing is that there are very few of those and there are plenty of options if you're an 'old fogey' at 31 years old.

Check out my previous posts on hostels - the cost of hostels and what hostels are really like.

The backpacker’s secrets for travelling Australia on a shoestring

Australia is a long way off from where ever you are in the world and getting there and being able to save is of top concern for travelers.

Travel Video of the Week
Interview with a Pickpocket at the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona - from

What I find so interesting is the justification of the 'former' pickpocket. He says the only entity hurt is the bank because everything else is insured. Do you ask someone as you lift their wallet if their cash and valuables are insured?

Note - he says the easiest targets are drunk men, and the best pickpockets are women. So if a woman approaches you after you've had a few drinks, you should be at red alert.

Full-body scanners already in use at Heathrow airport, says BAA

If you don't go through the scanners, you can't get on the flight. I'm waiting for the report of the person who refuses and then is not let on a flight. It will happen, or maybe it has already and we just haven't heard about it already.

Many U.S. adults skip routine vaccinations

Why I mention this? Especially when you go overseas, we assume that we've had required shots. Sometimes shots fall through the cracks, especially when it isn't required by school or work. Get your yellow card that lists all of your vaccinations and keep it with your passport.


I mentioned FindACrew before and wanted to list it again as an alternate to one-way flights or cruises or even a way to work, make money and travel. Love of the open water is a must.

Hotel fees that must die — and how to kill them

If you thought the airlines were the only one guilty of this, you haven't looked at your last hotel bill closely enough. Classic bait and switch by hotels. Charge low fees and then add on a whole bunch of smaller fees. The one that used to always kill me was the Internet access fee. I remember seeing $11.95 PER DAY for Internet access. I can do without it.

But recently the other fees started to get piled on. Fees for housekeeping and bellhop service? Wasn't that suppose to be part of the hotel fee?

Look over the bill and challenge these fees if you see them.


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