Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The year in Singapore (as seen in YouTube)

The year in Singapore (as seen in YouTube)
This is a collection of YouTube videos compiled and published in The Sunday Times as Singapore's YouTube Hits, videos "that made the headlines this year". The total number of views varies so I didn't include what was initially published. I also changed some titles. Enjoy!

1. SAF ghost

2. Funny professor

3. Bullied trishaw uncle

4. Civil servants' rap

5. Models "stripping" on radio show

6. Youth beatings (happy slapping)

7. Heartland scuffle (This is Singapore!)

8. Repeal 377A

9. Leaked MRT suicide footage

go find it yourself... it's still there... somewhere...

10. Mocking teachers

The video "Nation Builders" was not included. It's one of my favorites. It comes in two parts. An eye-opener, if not a gentle reminder.

Try Royston Tan's Singapore Censorship too!


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