Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mother Flu

Mother Flu
I'm sick, and fear it may be the same cold that L.Muck had, the same one that left her ill for about a week and some of those days spent in bed. Mine started yesterday with the sore throat, and it's the sneezing today, and I now know what L.Muck meant when she mentioned how the sneezes had made her ribs sore, these sneezes hurt my lungs! The nose is getting to that sore red stage, and that's not because I cut myself shaving, I'm taking lozenges to stop my throat from hurting, I'm developing a headache...

On a plus note I have a wee glass of cider next to me, a box of Godiva chocolates given to me as a birthday present, and a zebra print blanket wrapped around, so I'm basically just a little sneezy yet cozy, fat, and *drunk.


*wee joke

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