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Travel News and Deals - August 11, 2009 - Alternatives to Museums, Cheap Volunteering Experiences, Buenos Aires Beef, Visiting Ghana

Travel News and Deals - August 11, 2009 - Alternatives to Museums, Cheap Volunteering Experiences, Buenos Aires Beef, Visiting Ghana
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5 Reasons Living in a Less Developed Country is Better Than Living At Home

As quoted from the article, "Growth comes through new experiences." If you do decide to live in a different country, which I talked about in a previous post, here are some excellent reasons why. For those of who think this is only for single people, this is a family of 6 that has been living and traveling abroad for years.

Museums are Overrated: Here Are 8 Alternatives

Who said culture is located only in a museum? Culture not only comes in the florescent lighted halls in a large building but on the streets, anywhere where people can be found and live their lives. Museums just seem like the 'proper' place for culture. Look around and find it all around you.

At Louvre, Many Stop to Snap but Few Stay to Focus

Directly related to the previous post, in defense of the Louvre, I believe the stat is that if you look at every available item in the Louvre for just 30 seconds, it would take you 2 months. So people come to large museums to see what they want to see, get in and get out. It is really not practical to spend a whole lot of time looking at things you have no interest in, or to try to see everything.

Cheap Volunteering Experiences: How to Find Volunteer Programs That Suit the Financially Challenged

I've read about programs that charge thousands of dollars to send you somewhere to volunteer anywhere from a week to a month. Something about that just doesn't feel right. Should you have to pay large amounts of money to help someone? The organizations use the money to fund programs to get more volunteers so I understand the need to collect money. Fortunately if you don't want to go that route there are alternatives to spending the cash and still helping your fellow man, woman or child.

Tweet Your Way To Cheaper Airfare

Are you on Twitter? My twitter name is @brianepeters. Follow me! I know I need to post it prominently on the blog but when I started it was more of an experiment. I'm sticking with it, so I'll push it more.

Most companies have Twitter pages that they use to post special deals and information not available to anyone else. If you have a special or particular airline, cruise line, car rental agency, whatever, sign up for their Twitter page.

The Two Faces of Ghana

Whenever there is an article about an African country, I promote it to get people to think about visiting the Continent. I visited Ghana a few years ago and it was a great experience. I encourage everyone, not just folks of African descent, to take a look at Ghana and the West Coast of Africa. Africa is not just Egypt and Morocco.

Virgin Atlantic Safety Video
Last week it was Virgin America, this week it is sister company Virgin Atlantic. I saw this video on the way from London to New York and it had my attention the entire time. I have never said that I have enjoyed a flight safety video before, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

Frommer's Favorite Experiences from Buenos Aires

I keep hearing stories about the fantastic beef that is served in Argentina. As a hard core carnivore, I keep thinking about flying down and eating my way through Buenos Aires for a week.

New York Food Trucks Go Gourmet

When people come to New York they always ask where to eat. I would contend that some of the best food experiences come from the food trucks you see all around the city. I'm not talking about the simple hot dog and pretzel carts. I'm talking about the trucks that can drive from street corner to street corner, serving up all kinds of food. Indian to Italian to Mexican, anything you can get at a sit down restaurant you can get from trucks. Tastes just as good and much cheaper in price.

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