Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chicken Soup For The New Mom's Soul Quick Review

Chicken Soup For The New Mom's Soul Quick Review
Yep, I said quick review, and that's because I haven't actually made it through the entire book yet. My mom gave me Chicken Soup for the New Mom's Soul a couple days ago, and I immediately dove into the book. Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to read anything, and I've always loved the Chicken Soup books.

I followed my usual book reading routine, made a cup of hot tea (decaf), tucked myself into my rocker with a blanket, and I set out on my adventure with my new book. After the first 3 stories I was hooked...and my face was puffy and soaked with tears. If I had read this book prior to pregnancy I would have been ok, but with my pregnancy hormones and emotions I was a goner. I'm now half way through the stories, and each one of them has reached inside me and grasped my pregnancy emotions in some way.

Let that be a warning to any new mom's or expectant mothers like me out there who pick up this book. The valve will be opened, and the tears will flow. Don't take that to mean I don't love the book because I absolutely do. The first time Hubby saw me with tears streaming down my face while reading he asked me what was wrong. Now he walks into the room, sees me all puffy, and says "Honey, did the hormones get ya again?" We both laugh, and I continue with my reading. It has brought out emotions that I haven't felt until this point in my pregnancy, and it has helped to make me even more of an emotional basket case...but I love that. Every story has me touching my ever growing belly, taking in every kick and movement, and storing the memories of pregnancy to cherish forever.

Next on my list...I now have to find myself a copy of Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul. I may make a trip to the library to check it out today, but I better remember to stop by the store for a case of tissues!

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