Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stressfree life in the country

Stressfree life in the country
Life in the city is always rushed, busy, noisy, and stressful. The country is where one can really learn about nature, life's hardships, cooperation between animals and man, etc. In rural areas because of sparse population people are more friendly, life is slower and everyone is not in a big hurry to get things done. Life is slow, peaceful and relaxing. I can definitely do without the traffic pile ups, noise, and commotion of the city.

One of the greatest necessities of life in the modern times is the internet. Shopping, learning about places, e-mail and chat with friends and family, watching movies, listening to the radio, everything is possible online. If there is a fast, reliable internet connection in the rural areas, I would move there anytime. This is perhaps the fastest, cheapest, and the most reliable communication tool. One can do pretty much everything online, hence wherever I live I'd love to have access to great internet service. This is one of the things that has deterred from moving to the country.

Recently I read about wildblue satellite internet which promises high speed online access from anywhere in the 48 states of continental United States (subject to availability). It is not too expensive also, monthly service charges start from $39.95-49.95. This is the first company which promises to free rural Americans from the drudgery of dial up internet.

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