Saturday, March 13, 2010

China Travel Tips

China Travel Tips
China is a country, we could define as a large and complex bureaucratic system in which it is necessary to foresee that we will need to move comfortably. The best way to learn is to contact the Chinese embassy located in their country to follow the directions (for general) tend to be:

- Passport valid for 6 months (no use passports expired or will expire within this period of time), stay in China visa, return ticket demonstrable.

- Vaccines are not usually necessary except for certain regions in the south, you should always carry your documentation or health card and if possible your international driving permit that will enable you to rent a car.

- Remember that summer months are not the best because the rains are common in some regions of China may even find typhoons and constant rains in the month of July or August, but has other dates do not despair, it also has travel charm in the monsoon season.

- March, April, September and October are very mild and pleasant climate with a more balanced weather.

- Flights: Much of tourists arrive at the airport in Beijing or Shanghai, another solution is to fly to Hong Kong and once there enter in traditional China by train.

- Money: The official currency is the yuan or renminbi, the colloquial name of this coin is sometimes Kuai or Mao. Do not rely 100% on credit cards because it is often not be accepted especially if traveling to certain regions of the interior. In China it is important to bring some cash. If vd.llega to a big city can withdraw cash with your card at any ATM and then move to smaller towns.

- Avian Flu: Currently there are major controls on prevention of avian influenza both in airports and ferry stations, be careful since it is not possible to move many goods at customs.

- In China there is no time change or slots despite its great length the reason is that the government adopted this measure for the overall savings. The time difference is + 8 hours from the meridian of Greenwich (London apx).

- Holidays: Day 4 May / Youth Day, Chinese New Year (mid-February apx), June 1 Children's Day, July 1 Day Anniversary of the Founding of Chinese Communist Party or the October 1 National Day Holiday China.

- Trains and ferries: To move the train is perhaps one of the best solutions the rail network is well developed and has been modernized a lot in just a few years, there are also numerous ferries and bus companies that carry different cities. With regard to air transport there are many airlines operating domestic flights with Air China, Northwest China, China Eastern and China Southern.

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