Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rainy day at Gilbert Ray

Rainy day at Gilbert Ray

Howee all,

We moved west side of Tucson, Gilbert Ray county park..very close to the Sonoran Desert museum..Yippee!

it rained most of the day today…

toward the evening we got this beautiful treat!

rainbow desert_022

It had just stopped raining..everything was gold and glistening..

rainbow desert_012

Can you see that it is a double rainbow?

rainbow desert_014 Its there…a double rainbow..rainbow desert_018

      The right side going into the mountain..I was too close to capture the entire rainbow…rainbow desert_019Soo…   I stitched the rainbow together..

rainbow  After the rainbow…i walked around taking photos

rainbow desert_024 Of the scenery around our new campground

rainbow desert_025

Sunlit mountains facing eastrainbow desert_036

and West..distant mountains

rainbow desert_028  The sun starts to set..rainbow desert_026   cactus silhouettesrainbow desert_031Our picnic table..rainbow desert_044 sunset and cactus…rainbow desert_046

Goodnight sun!rainbow desert_021


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