Friday, November 13, 2009

For the love of Ma Ling....

For the love of Ma Ling....
You'll only realise how important some things are only when they're gone.

It's been a while since Ma Ling luncheon meat was pulled out from supermarket shelves here in Singapore. It's seems like eternity for die-hard Ma Ling fans, whom most grew up eating the canned luncheon meat. Those who are used to munching slices of Ma Ling in their Nasi Lemak or economical beehoon are feeling the loss. Some have included the return of the luncheon meat in their Christmas wishes, while some have reported X-Files-style "sightings". Some are not as optimistic and just simply turned to other luncheon meat brands like Tulip (Denmark) and Spam (USA).

Ma Ling luncheon meat is about as famous in China as Spam is in the U.S. Shanghai-based Maling Food Co. is investigating allegations that a shipment of its meat was contaminated with the banned antibiotic nitrofurans, which is thought to cause cancer. The export ban to Singapore covers all Ma Ling brand canned-food products which includes meat, fruits and vegetables.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) ensures that food processing plants will be able to meet its food safety standards, which are in line with international standards. It's only then that the exports of canned pork products will resume.

So will Ma Ling luncheon meat ever see the light of day again?

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