Friday, March 12, 2010

What Is It About Today That's So Special?

What Is It About Today That's So Special?
Today is the day that pitchers and catchers report to the Red Sox spring training complex in Fort Myers, Florida.

You'll forgive me if today I digress from thoughts of trains and railroads and transportation for today. Baseball fans, and especially those of us who follow the Boston Red Sox, have been waiting for this day for three long months.

Today it all begins again. And there is nothing else like it ... nothing else that even comes close to the start of Spring Training. I've spent an embarassing amount of time already today on the web sites of the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald and the Soxaholic (my very favorite sports blogger). In fact, I'm heading back there right now. Who knows? There may be some new development! And there are only 45 days until Opening Day at Fenway Park.

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