Thursday, March 11, 2010

Travel to China

Travel to China

There are many acts and modes of action of the Chinese that will attract attention, as are the following:
They do not respect traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.
Advance, rotate and change direction on any street or in any way.
Spit a lot and at any time.
Bicycles traveling at night without lights.
The public toilets pee smell very much but are very clean.
Even more amazing is the art of "haggling", which is why I would
then put an article on another traveler with management
[hong-kong1.jpg] describes her experiences and this
act with a simplicity and grace that is worth reading, and so what
transcribe it, without knowing why, it has been removed from your page:
"The first thing you're offered money, probably will be 4 or 5 times
price you can get. While we have found cases of purchasing
things for 20 times less than its initial price.
You have to make a fuss and drama. Do not be shy. The Chinese
pleasing, laugh, will make you angry, act in good cop and cop
wrong, they will, say it's the special offer for you. It should be
hard. You have to get that price. If you sell is that they are winning
money with you. They are very clever. If you do not earn money


Example of haggling:
"We: The worth these Puma sneakers?
-Chinese: MMM, these are very expensive, just have chosen the latter model, recently left the factory.
-Us: Yeah, but how much?
-Chinese: MMM, 50 euros
"We (do miestras gesture of heart attack) 50!!, That's impossible, it could buy the entire store.
-Chino: No, no, they are very good quality. Spanish As you softly at 40 euros.
"We (with insurance gesture) 40 euros is not the price of this. I give you $ 2.
-Chinese: The Chinese slippers keeps indignant and says that's an insult.
"We: Makes you go.


-Chinese: persecuted and asks you if you really want the shoes.
Us: Do you say that if you've already bought many things, and that is not the price. We offer 3 euros.
-Chinese: He says it is true that 30 is a lot, but 3 is just that
Please offered a sensible price. Call the shop
side and says he looks that little offer. The Store at
side drop and laughs as a sign of contempt or our quantity.
Down to 20 euros.
-Us: That 20 euros is a lot and we already have little money. We offer 4 euros.
Chinese: We say that's impossible. We are down to 15 euros.
Us: You make you go again, pretending anger at the price you are offered.
Chinese: I pursued you screaming down to 10 euros. Again it is their final offer.
Us: We offer 5 euros.
This has already entered a rifi-raphe of friend, girlfriend, lady, cheap and finite
that will end in 5, 6 or 7 euros, but no more. Often no
haggle anymore because you are tired and it's a pain. But if you
persistent will get a bargain. I give you an example of
prices we pay ourselves.
Puma shoes new model, with the lateral chords: Price seen in Spain: 100 euros. China: 7 euros.
Armani suede coat, two pieces. The ostia of bonito: 17 euros.
Plumas Timberland: 15 euros.
Varied Shirts Quicksilver, Nike, etc.. 3 euros.
Handbags Gucci, Versace, Louis Vouitton: 5 euros
Rolex: 3 euros
Adidas Tracksuit: 8 euros "
In another article I described some prices obtained by myself
(or rather my wife, as they haggle better than


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