Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tawilis Sardines

Tawilis Sardines
Tawilis, also known as freshwater sardinella, is a popular food fish widely-known for its softness when cooked. People well-acquainted with this fish claims that one can swallow and chew a cooked whole fish without worrying about the bones pricking the inside of the mouth. It is tasty and delicious in whatever preparation: boiled, fried, dried or bottled. This fish is found only in Taal lake. It is the only sardine (Family Clupeidae) that is known to exist in freshwater.

As a way to help boost the local economy, BFFS, through the help of some experts in food processing and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), developed the bottled Tawilis in Corn Oil. The processed "Tawilis" prolongs its marketability to as long as two (2) years. A processing plant is located at the BFFS campus, Barangay Makina, Balete, Batangas.

The processed product is a livelihood project of BFFS to help finance its scholarship program which allow poor but deserving young girls to get a high school education with an entrepreneurial orientation at BFFS.

For bulk orders, please contact the Manila office of Pampamilyang Paaralang Agrikultura, Inc. (PPAI):

Telephone: +63-2-8993332 or +63-2-8992931 (Telefax), look for Eva or Gie-gie.
Email address:
Php 150 per bottle

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