Friday, March 5, 2010


We made our way on Sunday to Namdaemun. I bought an ND8 filter and we grabbed a late lunch at one of the most disgusting, but delicious restaurants that I have ever eaten. It was very similar to the type of restaurant that I visited with Troy and Joanne a few weeks. There was tons of service! This was the kind of place that the health department would shut down in a second, but the food was brilliant.

We went and found a hotel in Jongro and then we walked around that area looking for somewhere to have a drink. We had a few drinks at a bar called Casino and then went to VIPS for some steak. We made it back to the motel about 10:30 or 11:00 and sat around making sure everything was good for the visa interview the next day.

I could hardly sleep. I was so damn nervous. I think that I fell asleep around 3 and woke up about 7.

We got to the embassy at 8:15 and went upstairs to the third floor where the immigrant visas are processed. We pulled lucky number 7 and prepared to wait for awhile. Our number was called less than 30 minutes after we arrived and we presented our package to the State Department official. She was very kind and only spoke Korean to JJ. Everything seemed to be in order and we were told to wait for JJ's name to be called. About 30 minutes later her name was called. We thought this was it, but it was only time for her to have her fingerprints done. We then waited for about another 35 minutes and they called her name again. This time they returned a bank letter that I accidentally included and gave us a bill for 520,000 won. We were directed to another window and paid our bill and were told to wait for our interview.

JJ was called for an interview about 30 minutes after paying the bill. The interview was relatively short. They did ask if she wanted a translator. She took them up on their offer. The translator did a great job.
They asked:

1. How long have you been married?
2. When did you first start dating?
3. How did you first meet?
4. Have you met each other's parents?
5. What will you do in America?
6. What does Jason's father do for a living?

The young lady that conducted the interview was obviously a new employee and was being assisted by her manager(?). That was a little nerve wracking, but JJ nailed the interview and they told her that we were approved and that we would receive the visa in a week or less.....The walk out of the embassy was so much smoother than the walk in. I felt like a 10ton weight had been lifted off my shoulders. This is just one less thing to think about. We do have a lot of planning left to do, but we are relaxed and getting ready to go to Gangwando this weekend. I am hoping to win some money at the casino or at least get some good photos.

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