Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Squamish River, BC, Canada

Squamish River, BC, Canada
Squamish River, British Columbia, Canada
Anytime you need to bond with Mother Nature
and see some pretty amazing sights to boot,
the Squamish River in British Columbia,
Canada can offer you all that and more.
This is where bald eagles by the dozens
come to feed on salmon that spawn up the
rivers during the fall and winter.
Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park lies
along the river, and is a perfect place to
spend time just watching the whole scene
unfold before you.
Besides bald eagles, there are several
other species of bird that visit this area.
The day I was there, 2 coyotes
chased off several eagles and seagulls snacking
on a salmon, and soon made sushi out of it for their own lunch. They were
sleek and fat, and a joy to watch in their own habitat
doing what coyotes do.
I come away from areas like this totally renewed
in my faith that nature can take care of itself, if we
humans let it. To be privileged to glimpse
even a few minutes or hours of this
spectacular place is an honor.
And when the sun pokes through the
clouds and lets you see the first dusting of snow
on the coastal mountains, it is nothing
short of breathtaking.


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