Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Ways You Can Help Haiti

Some Ways You Can Help Haiti
Haiti has dominated the news the past 24 hours.

It hurts to watch the devastation inflicted on a country that was scraping by before this happened. Thousands killed and thousands still trapped under rubble of a pancaked Port-au-Prince.

That feeling of helplessness is so sickening that I had to turn off the TV.

But there are ways we all can help.

Peter Greenberg lists some great resources to get you started. If you're clamoring to get to Haiti, the opportunity to be there on the ground may not be available unless you have special training in disaster relief. From what everyone is saying the way to best help right now is strictly monetary.

If you do have skills they need on the ground now (medical, search and rescue, water treatment, heavy machine operation, etc.) Matador Network is trying to get airline carriers to send jets down with supplies and people.

Google has the most concise page for info on how to help including the numbers to text from your cell phone to make a $5 to $10 donation automatically. The Red Cross is always a good way to go.

As with all natural disasters, the heartless among us will try to scam the people trying to do good. This MSNBC article shows what to look for. Don't be afraid to donate, but go in with your eyes open.

If you know of other organizations that need support, either monetary or actual people to do something, please drop them in the comments below. Thank you and I'm sure the people of Haiti and their loved ones would thank you too.


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