Friday, March 12, 2010

San Rafael Grasslands, AZ

San Rafael Grasslands, AZ

Howdee all,

Today we took a drive to the San Rafael Grasslands..

one of my favorite places for scenic beauty.

It was around 9am when we set out to the grasslands…see the sun still shining brightly in the east.San Rafael Grasslands_003

We were on a Sunday drive..looking for birdsSan Rafael Grasslands_004

  It was very windy…car door hard to open in the wind.

San Rafael Grasslands_008

   We saw flocks of Horned Lark

San Rafael Grasslands_011


I took no bird photos..

for one thing..they were too far away for my point and shoot. was too windy outSan Rafael Grasslands_013

So..I stayed in the car…and enjoyed the scenery..

San Rafael Grasslands_014

   popping out occasionally to take a photo

San Rafael Grasslands_016

I adore the grasslands

San Rafael Grasslands_017

We saw a Northern Harrier enjoying the wind

San Rafael Grasslands_018

we saw Vesper sparrows perched on the fence then struggling against the wind when flying

San Rafael Grasslands_019

A few birds…

and mostly…just wonderful views..San Rafael Grasslands_020

  Of stark beauty

San Rafael Grasslands_021

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