Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Musical Friends Folklore Festival

Musical Friends Folklore Festival
Next Sunday October 11th around noon, what are you planning to do around Buenos Aires city?Want to see local non famous and great argentine´s folklore dancers, musicians and singers perform at a local restaurant with local food and local entertainment?

Bombo´s Parade in Santiago del Estero (photo from Clarín Folklore Blog)

My dear folklore and bombo´s lover friend Gerardo (yes he is MY plumber if you ask me and he went to the Marcha de los Bombos in Santiago del Estero this year) is out of his mind organizing this different Sunday event in Buenos Aires. Lunch will be served at 12:30 (entrée, first course, dessert & coffee), then around 3:00 PM the show will begin.

Morena, invited by Gerardo from Santiago del Estero, who is 10 years old, will play the bombo and dance chacarera with her Granny. There will be lots of music and dancing.

The ticket for Lunch & Show is $80 ( PESOS), beverages not included. Address: Medrano Ave. 476, Caba,( corner Corrientes Ave.).

If you want to mingle with locals dont´t miss this unique opportunity. Call Gerardo for Tickets: 15 4- 564-0061.
If you want to perform because you are great and never had the chance to perform as a pro, call him too.

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