Friday, March 12, 2010

How visible is your back side?

How visible is your back side?
Diamond Grade Reflective Tape on the rear and sides of the LT & GS
Not yours, your bike's!

Conspicuity is vital when riding, especially when riding in the land of Distracted Drivers that use their cages like Phone Booths, Offices in Motion, Traveling Restaurants, Rolling Make-up Mirrors and Dressing Rooms on the go!
Ride like you're Invisible to all drivers.
I use Diamond Grade Reflective Tape on the Rear & Sides of my bikes that really makes them stand out under Head lights.

Reflective Stickers help as well.
Diamond Grade Reflective Tape on the rear and sides of the LT & GS

I get the Tape from, and  usually get the Reflective Sheets and cut to fit the space I have to work with on the bikes.
The Tank Bags have Reflective Piping and stitching that also help. 
Your Riding Gear (You do wear Riding Gear don't you?) should also incorporate Reflective Stitching/Piping.
On the LT I used Black Tape that reflects White and on the GS I used Yellow Tape that reflects Yellow.  I also have reflective tale on the back of my Helmet!
Researchers at the University of Utah have found that drivers using cell phones, even hands-free devices, experience a decrease in the ability to process peripheral vision, creating a potentially lethal "tunnel vision." This "inattention blindness" slows reaction time by 20% and resulted in some of the 20 test subjects missing half the red lights they encountered in simulated driving. "We found that when people are on the phone, the amount of information they are taking in is significantly reduced," says associate professor David Strayer.
Additional forward facing lights used Day & Night really add to your overall conspicuity as do Headlight Modulators which are legal in every US State, Canada and Mexico.
During Day Light riding use your Brake Lights and Turn Signal Lights to communicate to Drivers behind you.  Always use your Turn Signals but don't rely on your mirrors; Turn Your Head and Look before changing lanes.
When stopped in traffic, be prepared to evade the drivers behind you; remember, you’re invisible!  Watch your mirrors when stopped and keep the bike in gear ready to move in case the cage approaching from the rear doesn't stop or slides.
Point the bike toward your escape route!  If behind other vehicles point the bike to the space between the vehicles ahead of you so all you have to do is let out the clutch with a little throttle to avoid the crush.
If first in line at a traffic light, point the bike like above and be prepared to pull in front of the vehicle(s) next to you; again, to avoid the crush.
These techniques saved my butt not long ago; as they have in the past!
When you slowing or stopped in traffic, Flash your Brake Lights to get the attention of the approaching drivers, the life you save may be your own!
Remember, it's up to you to be seen; so use every trick in the book.


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