Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gangwon-do Weekend 2박3일 Part 5 Moonlight Dinner

Gangwon-do Weekend 2박3일 Part 5 Moonlight Dinner
We left the cave and found a small market to buy some meat, soju and beer. Troy and Joanne took care of the meat and JJ and I went in search of some beverages. There was a really cute miniature pincher that was sitting on a sofa with the owner of the small store. He let me pet him, but when I stopped to take a picture, he suddenly forgot that he was a miniature.Bad ass Dog

We got back to the pension and rested for awhile. I went out to try and grab a couple of HDR photos.(seen below)
Cornfield HDR
Right outside our door. I wish I would have gotten more of the field and less of the fence.

and then the pension owner, Troy and I got everything ready for our cookout. Again, I loved Gangwon-do kimchi. We had some great meat and had an enjoyable evening under the moonlight.
Firing it up

JJ chomping down

Great Kimchi

Troy grilling it up

Troy posing

Eating and cooking at the same time

You can see that the temperature at night was definitely lower. After eating and drinking too much, it was way too easy to fall asleep. Sunday was a very busy day, but I didn't take too many photos...Only one more update to go!

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