Monday, March 15, 2010

Creative Air Cones For Road Safety

Creative Air Cones For Road Safety
1. Road Cones can be a pain sometimes, for the driver a safety hazard and for the guy who has to place them on the road, a back breaking job. Not many must have thought of redesigning this thing, but innovation is really called for. Interim let’s look at the Air Cone Concept; it’s this flattened balloon strip that you lay on the road. Inflating it causes Air Cones to pop up, but care has been taken to ensure a sturdy design. Only hope that crazy kids with pins in hand don’t got popping it just for fun. :)

2. In my opinion, beside being helpful on the traffic management on the highways, these creative air cones are also suitable to be used in the city. For example, special lane that only opened during morning peak hours from Grand Saga Cheras to Kuala Lumpur. Those who are frequently using that stretch will know what I mean.

Designers: Hoyoung Lee, Youngwoo Park & Junkyo Lee

Credit: Yanko Design

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