Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brass Monkeys - Edinburghs winter

Brass Monkeys - Edinburghs winter

I tell you, the wild Haggis must be freezing their wee tails off out there, -10C in Edinburgh again tonight, that's 14F. Bbbrrrrr, and my car is useless in this weather too, it doesn't matter how many hours I leave the engine running to warm up and clear the car from the inches of snow accumulated over these last few weeks but it's still covered, I watch and watch, and not a thaw in hours, I'm 75% sure I have the right car too.

And then there's L.Muck with her awful cold and cough, it's been so bad that she ran out of loo roll for her nose, but never fear, 1st. Lady is here, and an emergency supply was delivered through the snow storms (moment photographed above).

The streets are very icy and slippy so in general cars are sliding about the roads nicely, I saw a trash truck parked by a bin rejoin the street in a sideways motion. It's good they are finally getting to the bins as they were full, and black bags of trash were starting to gather around them, next to the discarded Christmas trees (I cant move in the kitchen right now as all the trees I've salvaged are taking a lot longer to root in water than I expected). Any car that is an automatic, has cup holders, and is similar in length to mine (30.754 Greggs sausage rolls long) is useless on these streets.

I was on a Lothian bus the other day and saw this poor lady on Lothian Road really struggling with her pram, if only someone could have helped her open the pub door, she was sliding around and trying to open the door at the same time. That's Lothian road for you I thought.

Wasn't a pub I'd go into...

In my next blog I'll be 'addressing' what to wear on Robert Burns night, particularly ladies. Lots of google hits here from that question. I also get quite a few visitors that have googled BBC Scotland Weather, so for those of you that are here looking for Scotlands weather here's a summary, this 1st one is just for the tourists out there -

A fresh day.

Weather forecast for the locals -


And a quick response to some of the other searches... for those looking for muck luck socks, sorry we are sold out, whipping posts, sold out, wax jackets in Edinburgh, Barbour is having a sale, shove granny lyrics, see here, Edinburgh swine cold, it's called pink poodle flu in Edinburgh, common Scottish spiders? We only have royal spiders here (everything else seems to be getting 'Royal' added to the name, including the military tattoo which has been renamed Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo), excuse me in Scottish, well that depends on what kind of excuse me, if it's an excuse me required after drinking too much bubbly cider, then its a polite 'excuse me', if it's the person next to the person who had too much bubbly cider then it's an EXCUUUUSE ME kind of excuse me (you could even add THAT'S DISGUSTING onto the end). If it's an excuse me required by the cider drinker wishing to divert attention then they too can say EXCUUUUSE ME?? Perhaps even to a passing stranger. To the person who asked if it's safe to travel from Glasgow to Edinburgh, then yes, however I'd say no if you were to ask if it's safe to travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow, pink elephant wind sock, sold out, sheep footstool, we did have some of them in stock but they've wandered off.
That's all for now folks.


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