Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Treasure Hunt Crash

Treasure Hunt Crash
1. I had written a post entitled "Janitor on road is indeed a Hazard" that might relate to my current post today. Road janitor is undeniably among the most dangerous and risky job in Malaysia. While they are usually not practicing proper safety protection, they are working recklessly on the side of the road. My fear has become true. Below is the story that emailed to me.

2. The accident was occured in 2006 at Melaka near Malim exit. A speeding treasure hunt car (Proton Wira) hit a road worker that was doing some painting work on the fence divider. Then the car lost control and hit another car (Proton Iswara) from the opposite direction. The road worker died on the spot. Poor guy. It is not like his 100% mistake though. Sigh.

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