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LIMCOMA Multi Purpose Cooperative

LIMCOMA Multi Purpose Cooperative
In the early 1960's, there was massive infestation of the citrus plantation in Lipa and other Batangas towns. This led the entrepreneur farmers in these areas to shift to poultry and hog raising. The industry flourished except that after a few years, the prices of feeds rose to levels beyond the reach of the small scale growers. They knew then that unless an immediate solution is found, the industry will die a natural death. To prevent this from happening, a group of poultry raisers led by Eng'r. Claro R. Malleta agreed to organize a cooperative that will mill their own feeds and supply their own feed supplements. Thus, on April 09, 1970, the Lipa City Multi-Purpose Cooperative Marketing Association (LIMCOMA) was established with 77 incorporators and an authorized capital of P1 Million.

The Cooperative started operations by renting a rice mill for its feedmilling activities and selling on cash-on-delivery basis to customer-members. Through the efforts of Eng'r. Malleta, a 15-day credit line from suppliers of feed ingredients was obtained. After some time, the Cooperative, was able to acquire the mill site and started to buy its own feedmill machineries.

On April 20, 1992, Lipa City Multi-Purpose Marketing Association was changed to the now popularly-known name LIMCOMA MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE. After 34 years of operation, its membership has grown from 77 to 5,900 members. Its paid-up capital and assets rose from P57,000 to P91 Million and 561 Million, respectively . It now has an administration building, 4 warehouses, two (2) 1,800 tonner corn silos, a truckscale, a well-equipped quality control laboratory, an animal diagnostic laboratory, an artificial insemination laboratory, 4 major branches (including Main Office), 20 modified branches, a modest meat processing plant and rural banks (2). LIMCOMA is now operating a 30-ton per hour fully mechanized feedmill that produces 3,800 bags per 8-hour shift. This is the most modern and the first-of-its-kind in Batangas. Following the trend in feedmilling industry, Limcoma has likewise acquired a Pelleting Machine.

As LIMCOMA enters its 34th year, it continues to aim for the best quality products and services. New products are in store for development for a more complete and diversified cooperative that we intend to become. Short-term and long-term plans had been laid out to provide complete service to its members and foster professional development in the management of its affairs.

Limcoma may well be considered as the "Father of Feedmilling Business in Batangas" as it awakens the minds of our farmers to stand up from their long futility and compete with multi-national feedmillers. And through the years, Limcoma has functioned not only as a medium that continuously support the livelihood of its members but also as an organization that uphold programs which directly benefit the members and the community where it belongs which truly manifests its vision and mission statement.



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LIMCOMA Multi-Purpose Cooperative
CYO St., Pag-asa Subd. Marulas Valenzuela City, Philippines
Phone: (+632) 293-1217

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