Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gangwon-do Weekend 2박3일 Part 4 The Cave

Gangwon-do Weekend 2박3일 Part 4 The Cave
Walking to the ticket office to find out about the 1+ wait.

A dish special to the region. Muk. The name is actually longer, but I really can't remember or spell it.

Finished with a great meal

The Monorail

We left the creek and went to Hwa Am Cave. There was about an hour wait for the monorail, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a restaurant near the cave monorail ticket office. Troy and I had a jug of Makgeolli just because we could. There was a pretty cool park near the restaurant, so we walked around and relaxed while waiting for our monorail trip.
Fountains in the park.

Troy resting after our meal and drinks.

When it was time for us to board the monorail, it felt like I was back at Gangnam station. About 40 of us all crowded into one of the cars and of course because I am slow and don't elbow people, I didn't get a seat, but it was a really short trip up the mountain, maybe 15min. We entered the cave and it felt wonderfully cool inside. The first section of the cave had some Disney World like figurines showing the history of the mining. They also had sections of the cave covered with glass and magnifying circles, so that you could see the gold veins running through. The last section of the cave was for kids and it really reminded me of It's a Small World.

Reflections on the Monorail

Walking down a hellacious staircase


More formations


A shaky view of one of the caverns

Lion Rock
Welcome to .....

Yes, God indeed has a sense of humor.
We left the cave and went back to the pension for a great moonlight barbecue. Part 5 tomorrow!

I also wanted to say thanks for the messages about my mother. She is doing much better and should be getting out of the hospital sometime this week.

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